Couples Recovery Planning

Infidelity and other forms of betrayal are more often than not earth-shattering for couples in committed relationships. Without the proper recovery plan in place, the healing and recovery process can feel extremely daunting and ambiguous, with no end in sight. For these reasons, at FSC we encourage the couples working with us in betrayal trauma recovery to have a couple recovery plan. The couple recovery plan is designed to help couples who have been impacted by betrayal trauma have the right kind of structure and intensity in their recovery effort, thereby offering a path for healing and safety.

If you are interested in developing a recovery plan for your relationship, then please contact us to get scheduled and/or ask questions. Additionally, please check out the article and RecoveryTV segment to learn more about the Betrayal Trauma Couple Recovery Plan.

One of the hardest parts as a therapist is to watch a client struggle. In the work I do, a good majority of my clients are facing the devastation of a betrayal trauma. Betrayal trauma is what it sounds like – feeling traumatized by the experience of betrayal. It is most often, but not always, associated with relational infidelity and sex addiction. This type of pain has often been described to me as one of the most painful experiences one will have in a lifetime. I also see it in the tears, questions, and tormented eyes of most of my clients.