Couples Counseling

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Communication permeates every aspect of our existence. We have to be able to do it to hold down our jobs, to excel at school, and, yes, to maintain satisfactory relationships. The more emotionally connected we are to someone, the more difficult communication can become, which is why couples often find themselves in frequent arguments or disagreements.

If you feel like your relationship is one of high conflict, and resolving problems seems like an unachievable task, consider couples counseling so that you and your partner may learn how to effectively communicate with each other.

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Infidelity/Betrayal Trauma

Infidelity, also known as betrayal trauma, is one of the hardest things a relationship can go through because it cuts the relationship to its core. Trust is hardly, if at all, present. The hurt experienced from an affair is so intense that the ability to effectively communicate becomes very difficult. Once the couple's relationship has been affected by infidelity, healing must take place first.

Although infidelity is very hard on relationships, many relationships are not only able to survive but are also able to thrive.

If infidelity has affected your relationship, please do not tarry long. Seek help now!

The longer you wait, the longer your wounds have to fester, and the harder they become to heal.

Sexuality & Intimacy

We believe that the couple's relationship requires intimacy in order to survive.

There are two kinds of intimacy we experience: (1) sexual intimacy and (2) non-sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy is about many forms of physical touch. Where sexual intimacy is mainly focused on the physical part of the relationship, non-sexual intimacy taps into the emotional side of the relationship.

Much of the time, but not all, the level of intimacy experienced through physical touch is highly dependent on the level of emotional connection.

If you feel like your relationship suffers from the lack of intimacy, inside and/or outside of the bedroom, then couples counseling is a good option for helping you and your partner reignite that spark in your relationship.

Premarital Counseling

Many couples spend a lot of time planning for their weddings and not for their marriage. Don’t let this be you!

If you and your beloved are planning to tie the knot in the near future, you should consider our 6-session* premarital counseling program. During these sessions, you will not only gain insight into the complexities of your relationship, but you will also begin developing the right kind of relational tools that will increase your chances of longevity in your marriage.

At FSC, we have highly trained couples therapists that are fully equipped to provide you with what you need to start off your marriage on the right foot.

*The quantity of premarital counseling sessions may vary at therapist's discretion.

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