Sex Addiction &
Trauma Assessments

We have often referred to assessments as the “x-ray of mental health.”  Assessments help to paint a more complete picture of the problem or issue at hand.  As part of our ongoing work in treating sexual addiction and compulsivity, we offer a few different assessment options for both the spouse that is exhibiting compulsive or addict-like behavior as well as the wounded partner. Below is a description of the assessments and the cost associated with each.  If you are interested, please contact us and ask about bundling options.

Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST)

This is a free screening tool that you are welcome to take at your convenience.  The purpose of this assessment is show you if your compulsive sexual behavior is hitting on markers that points toward “addiction.”  If you take this assessment, remember to take it ONLY once, then print (or screenshot) your results so you can process them with your therapist.  Cost: FREE on RECOVERYZONE.COM

Partner Sexual Survey (PSS)

This assessment is for the wounded partner; and it is designed to take a deeper look at the impact of your spouse’s betrayal on your sexuality.  There is a small fee for this assessment, but we highly encourage anyone taking this assessment to make sure they have a therapist trained in sex addiction treatment available to them to help process the results. Cost: $6.50 on RECOVERYZONE.COM

Sexual Dependence Inventory (SDI 4.0)

After seeing a professional therapist and it is determined it is highly likely you are dealing with sexual addiction, we would recommend taking this assessment. The SDI 4.0 is a very lengthy and thorough assessment that measures many important elements of sexual addiction, including, but not limited to: sex addiction criteria, sexual anorexia, binge-purge patterns, consequences, sex addiction types, attachment issues, and others.  Cost: $150.00

Inventory for Partner Attachment, Stress, & Trauma (IPAST)

Partners of sex addicts are often affected by the discovery of sex addiction in more ways than they can imagine.  All partners may be wounded, but not all partners are wounded the same or to the same degree. The IPAST is designed to take a deeper look at the wounded partner to help better determine points of intervention for healing. Cost: $150.00

Post-Traumatic Stress Inventory – Revised (PTSI-R)

You may or may not be aware that trauma and addiction often go hand in hand.  This is often the case for addicts and their partners alike.  The PTSI-R is a tool we use to assist in the trauma-work that tends to be a major part of healing and recovery.  Cost: $75.00.

Money & Work Adaptive Styles Index (MAWASI)

If you are behaving compulsively with money and work, then this assessment may be appropriate for you.  The MAWASI takes a deep look into how your hard life experiences influences how money and work function in your life.  Are you a workaholic, under-earner, compulsive spender, co-dependent giver, etc.? If you are noticing unhealthy patterns in the areas of money and work, then this tool may offer more insight and help you and your therapist determine proper course of action. (note: we often have clients take the PTSI-R along with the MAWASI, additional cost applies) Cost: $75.00

All the assessments listed can be taken online at your convenience.  Aside from the SAST and PSS, these assessments can only be administered by a certified sex addictions therapist (CSAT).  Thus, if you are already active in counseling, we’d be happy to have you sign a release of information to allow us to share your results with your therapist and consult with him/her about treatment options.


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