Recovery Groups

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Groups

Is sexually compulsive behavior ruining your life? Has acting out negatively impacted the lives of people you care about? Have you unsuccessfully made repeated efforts to stop or change your habits? Or, maybe you recently discovered your partner’s secret life of deception, lies, and infidelity. If any of these statements are true, then you have come to right place for help.

Our clinicians at Family Solutions Counseling are highly trained in the treatment of porn/sex addiction and sexually compulsive behavior, as well as treatment for the partners who have been tragically impacted by such behaviors. One thing that most addiction professionals agree on is that recovery is almost impossible without the accountability, encouragement, and support of a recovery community. Our recovery groups at FSC aim to serve in this capacity for both injured and acting out partners alike.

Currently, we are offering two processing groups:

  • Breaking Free: A psycho-educational and processing group for sexually compulsive men.
  • Un-Broken: A psycho-educational and processing group for women impacted by infidelity.