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Are you having trouble connecting on an intimate and sexual level?

Our journey in sexual health begins from a very early age. Curiosity about where babies come from and what makes boys and girls different is the first step in educating about sexual health. From there we learn more about sex from school, friends, religious organizations, media, and family. These lessons will shape our beliefs about ourselves and our bodies, serve as the foundation for our expectations for sex, and may shape how we teach others. Often, our experiences don’t match our expectations or we feel confused and troubled by sex.

At Family Solutions, we want to help you through every transition along the road of sexual health. We are here to help with issues ranging from how to talk about sex to mismatched sex drives to erectile dysfunction and orgasmic disorders.

Sex is so much more than a behavior. It is both part of our identity and part of the way we connect with others. Put simply, sex is a big deal. As Al Vernacchio says, “sex is the best part about being human.” And yet, everyone has sexual problems at some point. Sexual difficulties can include (but not limited to):

  • sexual communication – How do we talk about it? What does my partner’s body language mean? How do we feel about masturbation?
  • sexual engagement – Who initiates sex? How much and what type of foreplay is healthy? What is appropriate touch? What about expectations after sex?
  • frequency of sex – Is there such a thing as too much sex? How often should we be having sex?
  • convenience of sex – When do we have sex – morning? at night? spontaneously?
  • sexual formula – What is my/my partner’s arousal template? What kinks are we into? Is there an appropriate use of fantasy?
  • medical/physical/emotional concerns – What about erectile dysfunction or porn-induced erectile dysfunction? Can testosterone affect my sex drive? What about trauma?

…..the list goes on and on.

If you have ever experienced a hiccup with your sex life or sexual identity, seeing someone who specializes in sex therapy could be incredibly beneficial.

Whether you are dealing with difficulty reaching orgasms, attraction to genders/activities you aren’t sure about, feeling self-conscious during sex, an inability to communicate your wants, difficulty negotiating sexual agreements, or more—a counselor can help you get the sex you want.

Those who focus in sex therapy are aware that it is difficult and scary to talk with a near-stranger about something as intimate as your sexuality. They will help you create a comfortable, safe environment in which to express your needs. Sex therapists will assist in validating your struggles, giving you the language and knowledge to overcome them and aid you in communicating with your partner(s).

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