Mental health concept. Communication session of woman psychologist and client. Psychotherapy or talk therapy as help people with variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties.

Individual Counseling

Anxiety · Depression · Anger Management · Grief & Loss · Trauma  · EMDR

Everybody experiences some level of anxiety and depression from time to time. Anxiety might come in the form of stress, worry, or nervousness. Depression can often manifest in the form of fatigue, sadness, distress, or melancholy. Even in the healthiest of individuals the level of anxiety and depression ebbs and flows. This is just part of being human.

However, on occasion, we experience anxiety and/or depression with such intensity we find it hard to function in our day-to-day lives. When this happens, individual counseling not only can help you become more aware of the origins of your anxiety and/or depression but can also help you develop effective coping skills to keep your anxiety and/or depression at healthy levels.

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Marriage Counselling Concept. Grateful Black Couple Shaking Hands With Therapist After Session, Selective Focus

Couples Counseling

Communication & Conflict Resolution · Infidelity/Betrayal Trauma · Sexuality & Intimacy · Premarital Counseling

Communication permeates every aspect of our existence. We have to be able to do it to hold down our jobs, to excel at school, and, yes, to maintain satisfactory relationships. The more emotionally connected we are to someone, the more difficult communication can become, which is why couples often find themselves in frequent arguments or disagreements. If you feel like your relationship is one of high conflict, and resolving problems seems like an unachievable task, then please consider couples counseling so that you and your partner may learn how to effectively communicate with each other.

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Serious couple with son in a deep conversation with family counselor. Multiethnic parents talking about adoption with their counselor. Family at the financial planning consultation.

Family Counseling

Parenting · Boundaries · Divorce · Step & Blended Families

Parenting, blended families, stepfamilies, divorce…….there are many good reasons why one might opt for family therapy over couples or individual counseling. Unfortunately, not all therapists and facilities are equipped to provide therapeutic services to the family system. That’s not the case at Family Solutions Counseling. At FSC, we have several practitioners that have received intense specialized training to not only help the individual heal and thrive but also the family. If you desire healing and connection in your family system, then don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

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Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Family Solutions Counseling is widely known for services related to treating individuals, couples, and families that have been devastated by the impact of betrayal trauma, which often involves various forms of infidelity such as marital unfaithfulness, emotional affairs, and porn/sex addiction. 

Our unique outpatient programming in addition to our team-approach model sets us apart as a place where our clients experience treatment as more than “just therapy.” FSC is a place where hurting people and hurting relationships go to heal. 

A professional child education therapist having a meeting with a kid in a family support center.

Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Child-Centered Play Therapy · Filial Play Therapy · Parent-Child Interaction Therapy · Parent-Child Interaction Therapy · Traumatic Experiences · School Issues · Self-Esteem & Self-Image

Until late childhood, children’s primary method of expressing themselves, working through problems is through play. When young children are facing difficulties using a play therapy approach is often the best course of treatment. A therapist will work with your child using a variety of methods such as free play, art, puppets, books and storytelling to help identify and resolve the presenting concerns.

Two of the most important features of successful therapy with young children are the use of play and the involvement of caregivers. Filial Therapy combines these two factors. As a parent, filial will teach you how to understand and support your child’s emotional experience and increase trust in your relationship. Filial allows children to express themselves and work through problems with the support of their parents.

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Young man in depression sitting on bed at home

Sexual Addiction & Compulsions

The sexual relationship is a beautiful part of our existence. Although all of us are created as sexual beings, not everyone experiences the joy and fulfillment that comes with having a healthy sexual relationship. Sometimes this is by choice, but other times this is due to destructive patterns of sexual behavior. Sometimes sex and sexual activity are used to cope with the trials, tribulations, and pressures of everyday life. These coping mechanisms may manifest in the form of viewing internet pornography, random sexual encounters, and many other sexual experiences. Acts of sexual compulsion can often lead to addiction. This addiction, like many others, has been known to destroy lives. Sex addicts have lost marriages and families, jobs and careers, personal health, and in some cases, their own lives. If you believe you are struggling with a sexual addiction, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment in order to take back control of your life.

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Moments of intimacy. Beautiful young couple cooking dinner and drinking wine while standing in the kitchen at home

Intimacy & Sex Therapy

Our journey in sexual health begins from a very early age. Curiosity about where babies come from and what makes boys and girls different is the first step in educating about sexual health. From there we learn more about sex from school, friends, religious organizations, media, and family. These lessons will shape our beliefs about ourselves and our bodies, serve as the foundation for our expectations for sex, and may shape how we teach others. Often, our experiences don’t match our expectations or we feel confused and troubled by sex.

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Group therapy brings people together who struggle with similar issues, like depression, anxiety, emotion regulation, or eating disorders

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Substance Abuse

For many, the use of alcohol and other drugs is nothing more than a pleasant way to relax. However, people with substance use disorders, use to excess, potentially endangering both themselves and others. Substance use, abuse, or dependency, however stated, does change our brain’s functioning, creating an alternate mood. It can also impact other areas of our lives such as relationships, employment, and extracurricular activities.

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Therapist can see how the teens interact with their peers.

Eating Disorders Therapy

Anorexia Nervosa · Bulimia Nervosa · Binge Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are serious conditions related to persistent eating behaviors that negatively impact your health, your emotions and your ability to function in important areas of life.

Eating disorders often develop in the teen and young adult years, although they can develop at other ages. With treatment, you can return to healthier eating habits and sometimes reverse serious complications caused by the eating disorder.

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RecoveryTV LIVE

Tune in to RecoveryTV LIVE on Fridays each month. These live shows will air on our Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel at 12:30 pm CST.  What better way to start your Friday afternoon than to tune in to hear real therapists have real talk about real life? We hope you will find these live broadcasts informative, helpful, and maybe even a little entertaining. Find out more about the show calendar and descriptions.

What People Are Saying

"FSC has an incredible team of clinicians. They are passionate about helping families reach their full potential. Personally, I have received great and personalized care at FSC. Additionally, I have had friends and family attend here. Each therapist I have worked with has been intentional and well-skilled. As a School Counselor and Therapist, I HIGHLY recommend using their services."


"I trust and highly recommend Josh and the entire Family Solutions team. FSC is known within the counseling field for providing high-quality services by skilled therapists. FSC also serves as a leader in the profession by educating other therapists on complex, specialized issue such as sexual addiction and infidelity. I have never hesitated to refer clients, friends, and family to FSC and will continue to do so knowing they will be receiving excellent care from some of the most compassionate and well-respected therapists in the field."


"The therapists at Family Solutions are true professionals who run a terrific full-service practice. The office looks great and is conveniently located. Because the practice includes so many great therapists, you can call any time knowing that they'll get you in quickly to see someone who specializes in your problem and knows how to help you through it. Family Solutions is a one-stop solution for all your family's mental health needs in Oklahoma City."


"I have worked closely with Josh Nichols, LMFT and Family Solutions Counseling since beginning my practice in OKC in 2014. I have referred clients, colleagues, and friends to him and FSC with confidence. As a therapist many times loved ones and friends look to us for recommendations for their own mental health needs and Josh is always on the top of that list. He is a very professional, caring, and genuine therapist."


"I have made many referrals to Family Solutions over the years and I am always grateful for their collaborative and community-centered approach to helping others. Additionally, I have attended more than one valuable training hosted and led by the owners, Josh, Rebel, and Carrie, and consider them to be an important professional resource here in the Oklahoma City area."


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