Therapeutic Disclosure

Emotional Affairs | Sexual Infidelity | Financial Infidelity | Secretive Behavior

If you have experienced the aforementioned forms of BETRAYAL, then you are likely SUFFERING a great deal.  Since the discovery of your spouse or partner’s secrets, you feel empty, confused, lost, anxious, depressed…….DERAILED!!  You simply want it all to STOP! If this is your emotional experience, then a therapeutic disclosure may be a good fit for you.

Please read the article entitled, “My Spouse Cheated! How Can a Therapeutic Disclosure Help?“, written by one of our disclosure facilitators to get a better understanding of the following:

  • What is a therapeutic disclosure?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is staggered disclosure; and why is it harmful?
  • What is the process?

Now that you have a better understanding of this service, if you believe this might be a good fit for you and your spouse/partner for the sake of healing, then please CONTACT US to inquire about this service.  Be sure to ask for a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our therapists and disclosure facilitators.

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NOTE: Participation in the therapeutic disclosure process is NOT required, but is ALWAYS the choice of the party or parties in treatment.  If you should choose to take these steps, your individual and couple’s therapists will coordinate to guide and support you through this process.  Therapeutic disclosure often brings initial tension to the relationship; some relationships do not survive the process.  However, research has indicated that the utilization of a therapeutic disclosure is an important step to the healing and recovery process of the affected individual and/or couple.

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