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When a relationship has been devastated by the impact of infidelity (i.e., betrayal trauma), it is important to understand that the injury is not limited to the betrayed partner. There are at least three entities that have been injured or impacted - the betrayed partner, the couple relationship, and the unfaithful partner.  As part of our team approach to treatment, we believe it is important to not let any one of these fall through the cracks if preventable. Thus, it is not uncommon for couples to partake in both individual and couples counseling as part of their recovery plan.

Please don't let the complexities of treatment overwhelm you.  If you are looking for betrayal trauma recovery services, then it is likely that you are already feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the pain of betrayal. The important thing to focus on is starting your recovery journey.  You can begin that journey by meeting alone with one of our betrayal trauma counselors, or, if your partner is willing, meeting together as a couple.  Whatever route you decide, rest assured that your therapist is there to help you navigate the next steps.

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