Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Why marriage counseling? So you may be asking yourself: “What am I going to get out of it?” That’s a valid question; most people want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Whether you’ve been married 6 months or over 60 years, marriage counseling can be beneficial to you.

Marriage counseling is a way to help you and your spouse navigate through the treacherous waters of life without becoming bitter but better. Marriage counseling has several benefits:

Marriage counseling can give you a fresh perspective on your marriage. It can give you new insight. People are constantly changing; some things that worked in the past may not work now. It helps you to see you and spouse in a different light.

Provide Tools
Marriage counseling can provide tools to assist you in being able to address and solve issues in a non threatening way. For example, knowing when to agree to disagree and learning how to communicate in a way that your spouse understands, are a couple of beneficial tools your marriage therapist may help you acquire or sharpen.

Marriage counseling will assist you in realigning your values, your goals and your dreams with your spouse. It will assist you in adjusting and joining together with one another. Since the time you said “I do” you both have changed and priorities may have changed as well. Marriage counseling will aid you in discussing what you want for your future as a couple.

Safe Environment
Marriage counseling provides a safe environment for you and your spouse to communicate and get to the root of problems and challenges in your marriage. Your marriage therapist serves as an unbiased third party there to keep you on track and to provide you with assistance.

Team Oriented
Marriage counseling can help you become more team oriented. Through the therapeutic process, you come to realize that you are on the same team and not against each other. You learn to put the team first. You then realize how powerful and meaningful your relationship can be as a force of “one.”

Marriage counseling can provide you with these tools and many more; however, one way to insure that you get the most out of marriage counseling is for you to come with an open mind. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my marriage work?” Marriage counseling will not work unless you work it, work the principles, and be open to alternatives you have not used in the past. If what you have been doing is not working, then it stands to reason that you may need to do something different.

Are you asking, “Is marriage counseling for me?” Good question! If you want to have a healthy, thriving and successful marriage but you and your spouse seem to be butting heads, then marriage counseling IS for you and the benefits can be life changing for the positive. Do not hesitate to change your life. Help is just a phone call (or email) away.

Monica Austin

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