How to Ruin the Holidays without Even Trying!

The holiday season, for many, is a time of the year we look forward to so we can take a few days off of work and simply relax! Ahem! Yeah right! The Christmas holiday season is often all but relaxing.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday season shows up in so many ways.  For instance, traffic is horrible.  You have something planned almost every night of the week in December.  Alcohol is being purchased as if the prohibition had just ended; and, your spending money as if you have an unlimited supply of it.  Relaxing? Far from it.  

BUT….the fact that the holiday season is more stressful for many people, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the experience of the holidays.  We all deserve to have a little (or a lot) of joy in our lives.  Additionally, we all deserve to NOT HAVE THIS RUINED FOR US!  Thus, in the video segment below, I discuss 5 ways to ruin the holidays.  I hope you will have a little fun watching the video, but also take the suggestions seriously.  I hope you have a great holiday season. Enjoy the video.  

~ Joshua Nichols ~

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