6 Lessons Learned from Buddy the Elf

If you are like me, during this time of year, you like to watch all your favorite holiday movies. Maybe you like the classics, such as, It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street; or, maybe you prefer more of the recent productions like How the Grinch Stole Christmas or The Polar Express. Some of you might even prefer a bit of a deviant side to your holiday movies as you cozy up with a loved one by a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate to watch John McClane save hostages from the Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard; or, as you watch cute furry Mogwais turn into creepy green carnivores in Gremlins. I, however, can’t make it through the holiday season without watching the 2003 hit movie, ELF. This family-friendly Christmas movie is not only riddled with great one-liners, but it also has an encouraging storyline that leaves viewers with smiles on their faces and warm fuzzy feelings in their hearts.

In this movie, there are many things we learn not to do from Buddy the Elf. For instance, Buddy wasn’t the best at exercising impulse control.

Follow your dreams. Buddy was an extremely imaginative and idealistic person; sometimes to his own detriment. However, no dream was too big for Buddy. Once he found out he was human and not an elf, he dreamed of reuniting with his father. And after the reunification, he dreamed of there being a place for him among that family. Buddy never stopped dreaming and he never stopped trying no matter what obstacles he faced, which leads me to my next observation from Buddy the Elf. Here’s a clip of Buddy setting out to make a dream come true.

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