FSC Celebrates National Play Therapy Week

This week (beginning February 8, 2016) is National Play Therapy Week.  You may or may not be aware of just how helpful play therapy can be for children and families who have experienced trauma, change, or other life events that tend to cause difficulty.  Most of us intuitively understand that children have very limited capacity to articulate their thoughts and feelings in ways adults can understand.  But what some of you may not realize is that children tend to articulate very well through their play.  When a child is going through mental and emotional challenges, a trained play therapist can help draw out their difficult thoughts and feelings through play.  A trained play therapist will also be able to work with the parents to better help them understand what the child is going through so they can respond accordingly.  Nancy Soliz is a licensed marital & family therapist (LMFT) and registered play therapist (RPT); she is a contract therapist in private practice at FSC.  She also is a co-founder of Oklahoma Play Therapy Training Institute.  Please take a little extra time to watch her interview by Lacey Lett from OKC local station KFOR.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for child or to learn more about play therapy and/or other forms of therapy offered at FSC.

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