Making Sense of INFIDELITY

There are many ways infidelity can impact a relationship – a single affair, an emotional affair, an online relationship, and even sex addiction.  However, despite what form it takes, it typically creates a deep wound in the couple relationship.  Left unattended, this wound likely will fester, creating more problems and conflict in the relationship.  We hope these videos will help give you more insight and direction as you navigate the wounds of betrayal.  Please contact us for more information on our services regarding affair recovery and sexual addiction.

VIDEO 1: Making Sense of Infidelity [webinar]

In this 40 minute video, Carrie and Josh, discuss several important aspects that a couples often experience after impacted by infidelity.

Video 2: A Message to the Wounded Partner

In this brief video, licensed therapist, Joshua Nichols, has an important message for spouses or partners that have been wounded by a cheating spouse/partner.


IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE OVER!! In this video, licensed therapist, Joshua Nichols, addresses a few misconceptions people often have concerning infidelity.

Video 4: Affair Recovery Couples Intensive

In this video, licensed therapists, Carrie and Josh, discuss this unique service for couples who are suffering from the impact of infidelity, chronic infidelity, and/or sex addiction.

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